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Here are some dupes that I made and uploaded to the Steam Workshop

If you want the actual file, right click on the .txt version link for the file you want and click save as. After that, give it a name you will remember and save it in garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator


A jeep that can drive on land and water as well as transform into a boat and back.

Download COMING SOON-------------------->


Waterworld Boat

A post apocalyptic car-to-airboat conversion inspired by the film Waterworld.

Download COMING SOON-------------------->

Army of Darkness Car

A recreation of the modified Oldsmobile Delta 88 from the film Army of Darkness aka Evil Dead 3.

Mad Max 2 Interceptor

A recreation of the modified Interceptor from the film Mad Max 2: Road Warrior.

Fake Spawn Platform

A recreation of the spawn platform in gm_flatgrass that players can build on without admins getting angry.

Awesome Jalopy

A very awesome Jalopy I made. Lclick to shoot

Requires HL2 Episode 1 and 2 and Weight STool

Awesome Jeep

A very cool jeep modification. Lclick to shoot, Rclick for lights

Requires Team Fortress 2 and Weight STool

Giant Flatgrass Loop

This is a giant loop I made to use with SCars addon in multi-player. Try to drive all the way around it!

Make sure you use the "paste in original location" option and do not select "freeze all props" or it wont work right.

I am not putting this dupe on the workshop because it only works well if you paste it in the original location with the option in the advanced duplicator tool.

Fallout Tactics Jeep

A recreation of the Hummer in Fallout Tactics.

Home-made Airboat

A nice destructible airboat that I made from scratch. Requires wiremod.

Zombieland Cadillac Escalade

A recreation of the SUV from the movie Zombieland. I know it's not much but I'm sure someone would like it.

Requires TDMcars and Sprops.

Combine Monobike

Controls are wasd=drive shift=turbo Lclick=light Rclick=fly space=horn
Requires Wiremod
I also made a tutorial for how to make things like this on my youtube page.

These bellow are not on the workshop because they are from GMod 12 and I don't feel like uploading them right now. I'm not sure if they will all work with 13.

These 3 are made by me:

Easy to fly hovering airboat that can secretly light anybody or their props on fire with the spacve bar(obviously for the use of trolling)

Oh yeah! Its tronbike+airboat=epicness!

Control it with the numpad.

Seriously insane! Godmode recomended.

Also you'll need to have the weight tool for the ULTIMATE VELOCITY to be truly ultimate.

I really don't think it is possible to make a vehicle faster than this one when it works to its full potential!!!

These below are not by me, but they're cool anyways:

controlls: space=fly click=up and down

It can also drive across water!

Automatically targets and fires upon the nearest person. DOES NOT TARGET THE OWNER!

A wire vehicle controlled by the numpad.

This is pretty neat, it lets you prop controll any prop you want!

To select prop, look at a prop and press 5 on numpad.

Right click while controlling it to make the prop invisible!

It floats abpve your head and when someone kills you, it kills them. It has other comands also.

Also known as "Balls of Steel"  There really isnt a good picture for this. You know those "zombie balls" you see trolls using? yup its this

Newest version that I know of. Combine Elite model. I'm pretty sure everyone knows what this is.

The alternative. When she flies there's a trail of hearts.

Makes it so your gravity gun can shoot things way further and faster, also it can pick up and throw props no matter how heavy they are. It even works with heavy props on servers that disabled the throwing action of the gravity gun.

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