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Yeah I mod Nerf guns too


This one is called the Tech 2000. Why did I choose that name you ask? Because part of the label fell of when I was sawwing the frame in my vise. It worked pretty well untill I screwed it up with all the tape and hot glue. Also I tried to remove the bubble gage, needless to say it didn't end well. So a word of advice, DONT REMOVE THE BUBBLE GAUGE!

This gun here is called the Pneumotech 9001. OH YES IT IS OVER 9000!!! The blue parts on the top are sawwed up pieces of a Longshot's unjamming hatch. The front-most blue piece can hold 2 nerf darts under it and it looks pretty awesome that way.

This is the first nerf gun I ever modded. I gave it a black and silver paint job with a realistic revolver-barrel mod and I removed all air supressors which used to make the gun quieter but weaker. The silencer is just for show, it does nothing, sorry.

THAT CAKE BETTER NOT BE A LIE! This gun is a modified marshmallow shooter made to shoot one nerf dart at a time. It may not be as fast ast some others but it shoots harder than any other gun capable of firing nerf darts that I have ever seen. Plus there is a very loud POW whenever it is fired, after being fully pumped that is. The color scheme was inspired by the Portal Gun a.k.a. the ASHPD (Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device). I named it ASHVFDL (Aperture Science High Velocity Foam Dart Launcher). Seems legit right?

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