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Use these links for the "load from url" option in pac.

Or, right click the link you want and save as to garrysmod/garrysmod/data/pac3, then load it in pac

My old scrapped fursona playermodel.
The green parts glow in the dark. Also I recently updated this one to make the muzzle longer so it looks more like a fox and less like a wolf.
In order to get the tails to show up in some of these you sadly need this MLP model addon from workshop:

Here is a Jackal Queenston Playermodel!!!

I know it's awesome right? If you dont know this, its a playermodel of Jackal Queenston. So yeah, enjoy what is probably my most awesome pac creation as of yet. Also it plays his song "Laugh at Life" whenever you have your flashlight turned on. You wont be able to hear it in first person though, use a camera or thirdperson e2 or something if you want to be able to hear it.

Weeping Angel (Doctor Who)


Its footsteps are completely silent and it has 3 poses: Weeping, pointing, and attacking. You can change the pose by either equipping the crowbar, pistol, or smg.

Garry's Mod Furry's Steam Group Mascot
Garry the Albino Wolf

In honor of my new position as an administrator for the steam group Garry's Mod Furry's I made this special playermodel for all the members to use!!!
This playermodel reqires no additional content besides tf2.

Coming eventually to this site Abandoned:

Coming soon never, Renard playermodel!!!


This one doesn't really work well anymore but here it is I guess:

Feral Wolf

You must use the princess luna playermodel with this, sorry (I hate MLP that's why I'm hesitant)

Anthro Party God (Adventure Time!)

Requires nothing but Team Fortress 2

If you equip the crowbar or activate noclip he talks! Also he plays music when you turn on the flashlight.

Here is a tutorial video for how to load one of these in GMod

Questions? Comments? Post 'em in my steam group discussion section!

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