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A gmod 13 save by TornadoSandwich

Right-click on the file you want and then click "save as" and save both of them in c/steam/steamapps/common/GarrysMod/garysmod/save 


Both the .SAV and .TGA files need to have the same name, and be saved in the folder stated above. 

The village of Raven

A bird's eye view of Belmont.

The East-side Passage facing West (This is an awesome wallpaper!)

Older version of West-side car tunnel and derailed train w/out Fuel Trading-post

A town called "Fort" that I considered adding but didn't because I couldn't make it seem realistic enough.

This video is a sort of SCP Easter egg that I added at one point but later removed when it made the save file very unstable.

Sorry for the low quality, I recorded it on my camera.

The village of Belmont

The fuel trading post just North of the Western passage.

The West-side car tunnel

Part of a dangerous racetrack I considered adding but didn't because I couldn't make the jump over the ravine easy enough to land safely.

A beached Borealis. I removed this because it had too many parts without textures and it made my save look bad.

Here is a short story I was writing about my save when I thought I would never be able to open it in gmod 13. I originally made the save in gmod 12 and now that I found out how to make it work in 13, it is available to anyone who wants it!

Somewhere in the American southwest, a large desert with high rock formations on all sides exists. Before the war the only ways in or out were the car and train tunnel in the northwestern wall, and the bridge and train tunnel in the northeastern wall. Normally there wasn't much traffic on that desert road. Just the occasional semi truck or family going on a vacation to California or Las Vegas.

Between the road and the train tracks, there was a row of power lines on poles spanning across the whole desert. At each end they passed over the walls by the tunnels and the bridge. The power lines seemed to disappear off into the distance.

As news of the Combine invasion spread, the road became much more lively . People evacuated from their cities and homes in the desert to the east in search of places with more resources and lower temperatures. None of them were prepared when a Combine gunship appeared from over the horizon and set off an EMP, disabling all of the exposed vehicles. Cars still in the tunnel or past the bridge were shielded so they weren't affected. The drivers in the tunnel turned around and went back the way they came, not bothering to look back and hoping they would have better luck somewhere else. The drivers past the bridge just kept going. Most of them didn't even know the attack happened.

There were two trains on the train tracks crossing the desert at the time, both headed east. The train furthest east was a metro train, modified to operate off of public rails so that it could evacuate people eastward. The train had two passenger cars and two cargo cars carrying bedding, generators, food, water, lots of other useful survival gear, and personal items.

The other train, to the west, was a military train carrying weapons with ammo and emergency supplies like first aid items, water, and food for the soldiers fighting the Combine invasion. This train's cars two cargo cars and a tanker car filled with gasoline.

The Combine EMP didn't slow the trains down much because of their weight and momentum. However, the gunship realized this and fired at nearby rock formations along the sides of the tracks and on the wall above the train tunnels causing large boulders to fall on the trains an in their paths.

The military train in the west hit a large boulder that fell on the track and derailed to the right, straight into a tall rock formation, crushing the conductor to death. This caused the rest if the train to compress, pushing all of the cars against each other leaving them in a zigzag. The cars left in the tunnel got pushed off of their tracks and pressed against the walls of he tunnel causing it to cave in around them, sealing the tunnel shut.

The train engine of the eastern passenger train was already in the tunnel when the boulders fell off of the wall above it onto the first supply car, jamming it in the entrance of the tunnel while still leaving access to its contents. The passenger cars stopped suddenly and pressed hard into each other rendering them permanently inoperable while still leaving one structurally intact and snapping the other in half. All of the passengers survived but nobody was sure what happened to the conductor since he engine car was trapped in the tunnel. They just assumed that he either died in the crash or soon after because the passengers knew from their maps that the tunnel he was in was many miles long and that the conductor had no supplies with him.

Many of the people from the cars and train tried to make a break for it by running to the eastern bridge or the western car tunnel, whichever was closer, but they were spotted by the automated gunship and killed in a hail of gunfire. Three people from the cars near the military train snuck out over to it and broke into the weapons supply. They found RPG-7s with plenty of ammo. They each took one and fired them off at the gun ship simultaneously. The first rocket missed. The second got shot down and the person who fired it was killed by the gunship. However, the third rocket hit the gun ship right on its belly in the glowing organic engine exposed beneath it. The ship let out a long, deafening scream of agony as it began to burn and loose control causing it to drift south while loosing altitude. The ship crashed in the middle of the desert, quite a bit south of the road. The remaining survivors cheered at first but then mourned over their losses.

All of the remaining people from the cars and the train then met in the middle of the road, halfway between the car tunnel and the bridge. They decided that they should set up temporary shelters and distribute supplies. However, there were a few disagreements and people got into a heated argument. Right when people started getting very loud, one of the drivers fired a pistol in the air causing every one to go silent. He suggested that the survivors form groups, so they did. The train passengers and drivers stayed separate forming their own groups. They managed to come to an agreement, the train passengers group would kept all of the supplies in their train while the drivers kept all of the supplies in the cars and both groups would split the  military supplies in the military train equally. Any trading to be done would have to be agreeable by both parties and people could only trade their own property unless they had permission from the rest of their group.

Each group decided that they should set up temporary camps while waiting for rescue because the walk was way too far. Both groups decided that they should set up their camps away from each other, but still close enough to trade. They also decided that they should camp in places that are defendable in case there was another attack.

The train passenger group headed north to a part in the high rocky wall of the desert that was partially surrounded by a smaller wall. After choosing their spot they began unloading the gear from their supply cars. They found everything they needed to survive. There were even some electronics in the supply car that were shielded from the EMP. They had a working radio but they couldn't get any signals except for one. The signal was very strange, all that they heard on it was a strange deep voice speaking in a language that none of them had ever heard before. They decided to turn it off to save energy. They brought over all of their supplies, they even pushed over some of the cars. After that they set up tents and went to sleep.

The drivers started searching for a safe place to set up camp. One of  them used binoculars to look into the distance. He alerted the rest of his group when he saw some thing strange to the south. It appeared to be a large frame of something stuck on top of a tall rock formation. Upon closer inspection he realized that it was the frame of a large ship. It must have gotten thrown out of the ocean by one of the powerful portal storms that ravaged the cities where the aliens came through. It just sat up there, balancing perfectly upside-down, jammed over a tall rock. A few members of the group headed over to check it out and discovered that it was covered in rust. They decided to get a closer look and found a broken crane attached to the ship along with plenty of other debris from the ship. They climbed up and found that the sides of the hull had many large holes but could be reinforced with scrap metal. The deck was almost completely still there. They decided to tell the rest of their group to camp there, there was plenty of space

The drivers began bringing over their supplies, some even pushing their cars to the large rock even though it was very difficult in the sand. After many trips they managed to bring all of the weapons and other military supplies over to their camp. They set up tents high in the rusted out ship for the night, hoping that rescue would come in the morning.

The next morning both groups realized that rescue might take longer than they thought. They each decided that they should make their camps safer.

 The drivers began stripping the military train and some of the cars. They used whatever tools were available to take off the side paneling and any other useful pieces. They carried them back to their camp and used them to make walls around the crane they climb to get up to their camp. They also took some of the rails off of the train track to use for building their walls. They even used some of the cars. They make a great barrier when tipped on their sides. They also built a second floor inside the ship's shell where they would set up their beds and their armory. They set up a kitchen and living area on the ground floor of the ship. After that they managed to build a large door that can lift up using some pulleys they built. For the door they used the large rear door from one of the train cars. They also set up a workshop garage and a working restroom with plumbing.

The train passengers also began to work on their train. They all worked together to move the passenger cars over to their camp. At first they tried carrying them whole but that didn't work so they carried them in pieces and reassembled them. They arranged them in their camp so they had part of the damaged car in the back by the right wall, it served as a restroom because the on-board plumbing still operated in it. They put the other half of the car closer to the entrance by the right wall to server as a garage for when they would have a working vehicle again. They managed to prop up the other train cars on legs made from the tracks and parts of the bases from the supply cars. With the passenger car they removed the seats on the left side and set up the bunk beds that were stored in the supply cars along the wall leaving the other seats across from them for sitting. They put the removed seats on the ground outside so people could sit if they wanted. They propped the supply train up on the left wall by the entrance facing towards the sleeping car with a bridge between them and supply storage bellow. The supply car became an armory with plenty of ordinance to protect them from attack. They also set up a kitchen complete with a table and chairs on a platform built over the restroom car with a ramp leading up to it using parts of the military train supply car base. They realized that they needed walls so they went over to the military train and took the remaining paneling back to their camp. They set up walls around it with a door just like the drivers because they thought it was a great idea. After t

Sorry, that's as far as I got. I might add more at some point but right now I just don't feel like it. also I might make the story more similar to the updated version of the save which is a bit different in some regards.

Coastal Cities

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